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Who We Are

We are a subsidiary of LIFULL Co., Ltd. (Japan), LIFULL has a real estate and housing information aggregation web service that is Japan’s top provider in terms of the number of available properties. We develop the aggregation web service and also some other companies’ services. Now we are expanding our activities in Vietnam, let join us and grow with us.


The Guidelines are LIFULL’s code of conduct. We should follow the Guidelines to achieve our Vision.

  • Continue Searching for the Truth

    We consider the truth to be something everyone appreciates as being absolutely good. We will question, reflect on, and work towards that truth.

  • Be at the Center of Positive Change

    "Positive Change" refers to continuously creating a better future. Each of us is at the center of that change, be it a revolutionary innovation or just a small improvement, and challenge ourselves to make those changes.

  • Act with Highest Integrity

    We always make decisions that are 100% consistent with our high moral standards. This does not simply refer to abiding by laws, company regulations, or contracts; it also refers to making sound decisions even in gray zones, where there are no obvious rules.

  • Exceed Expectations as a Professional

    We believe that Professionals are individuals who produce results that go above and beyond the expectations of others in quality, effort, and speed. Professionals improve their skills, set high goals based on the group vision, and take the responsibility to reach those goals.

  • Foster True Teamwork

    We are a unified team of individuals with the intent of making our corporate philosophy a reality. We are creating an environment where anyone can reach their greatest potential by facilitating honest and constructive communication. We strive for optimal holistic solutions and make the best contribution possible as a team.

  • Value Every Stakeholder

    We value all of our stakeholders including consumers, clients, employees, partners, shareholders, society, and the environment. We make the right decisions - even stakeholders who might not be apparent at first.

We Do

Because of the shortage of engineers in Japan, the case companies in Japan order development to overseas company is increasing rapidly. With rich experienced in development our own services, we provide the most suitable service for customer’s needs with the Japanese quality.

CEO Kato Yuta

Our LIFULL Group aims to "Make every LIFE FULL." and we are expanding our services worldwide. At LIFULL Tech Vietnam, we are responsible for the product development of these various services. Our mission is to enrich the lives of all people and solve various social issues through our products. We are looking for teammates who share our vision and are dedicated to its realization. As a member of LIFULL Group, let’s revolutionize the world through product development, make LIFE in our world FULL of peace of mind and well-being.

CEO Kato Yuta

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photo inside office
photo inside office
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